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Yamaha MX49 Music Synthesizer CARRY BAG KIT w/ Keyboard Gig Bag

MX49 is a 49 key music synthesizer which combines Motif XS sounds, USB Audio/MIDI connectivity and advanced DAW/VST controller features at a groundbreaking level of affordability.


Over 1000 Sounds from the MOTIF Series

The MX series contains more than 1000 Voices derived directly from the world famous Yamaha MOTIF XS series. From realistic acoustic sounds like piano, electric piano, strings and drums to complex 8-element synth sounds, the MX has all of your favorite Motif XS Voices right at your fingertips.

VCM Effects

MX synthesizers come equipped with VCM effects, which simulate vintage effectors at the circuit level. The sounds of the ’70s are brought back to life, through simulating the hard-to-find vintage sounds of equalizer, flanger, phaser, and wah effects introduced by the keyboard legends of the era.

Easy Split /Layer Performance Mode for Instant Inspiration

Performance Mode on the Motifs has always been the place to find instant inspiration and the MX is no different. You can easily combine two Voices to play on the keyboard using the dedicated Split and Layer buttons each with their own intelligent arpeggiator and a dedicated Part for a drum track to create evocative Performances that feel like a whole band is playing.

Yamaha MX49 Gig Bag with Shoulder Strap, Red

Custom-fit padded keyboard bag for the Yamaha MX49


  • Convenient shoulder strap
  • Includes pocket for accessories
  • MX / Yamaha Branded

Yamaha Synth KIT available exclusively from Kraft Music, including the Yamaha MX49 49-Key MX Series Synth Keyboard and Gig Bag.
The new MX series synthesizers feature carefully selected sounds taken from the Yamaha MOTIF XS. That powerful sonic palette is packed into sleek packages that fit today’s on-the-go lifestyle.
But the MX Series aren’t just synthesizers they are designed to bridge the gap between hardware and software.
By adding extensive audio and MIDI USB connectivity, advanced DAW and VST controller features and a suite of powerful music production software, the MX integrate hardware reliability with controller flexibility to give you the best of both worlds at a ground breaking level of affordability.
Yamaha MX49 Gig Bag with Shoulder Strap, Red

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets