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Whether you’re practicing at home, playing with the band, or doing a live solo performance, the P155 series offers professional quality sound with our legendary touch. Thanks to top-shelf Yamaha digital piano technologies, musicians don’t have to choose between portability and piano quality- the quality you expect from a company that’s been building world-class acoustic pianos for over a century.

Bundle Includes:

* Yamaha WB2 Padded Wooden Bench for the Yamaha DGX505 and DGX620, Natural Finish

* Three-Position X-Style Bench (Black)

* Yamaha FC4 Piano Style Sustain Pedal

* Frozen: Music Book from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Paperback128-note polyphony: Even when using dual Voice and split mode with a drum pattern, 128-note polyphony ensures every note gets heard.
88-note, weighted GHS action: Heavier touch in the low end and lighter in the highs, just like an acoustic piano
Built-in drum patterns: Basic drum patterns put the “fun” back into practicing and is a practical alternative to a metronome. Or turn your solo act into a two piece band where the dummer is always on time.
Pianist styles: This built-in duet partner plays along with you in one of ten different playing styles.
Kit Includes Double X Keyboard Stand, Bench, Pedal and Frozen: Music Book from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Paperback

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets