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Rhythm Pattern Creation

Up to 100 custom Rhythm Patterns, with time signatures ranging from 01/31 to 99/2, can be generated by editing the preset Rhythm Patterns or creating new rhythms. The Patterns can be recorded in Real Time Write (play the instrument keys while listening to the Click Guide) or without automatic correction of timing. The Patterns can also be recorded in Step Write (entering one note at a time) to create perfectly timed Patterns.
Rhythm Patterns and Song Chains

Create up to 100 patterns, each of which can be up to 99 measures in lengh, and use them to compose up to 20 different songs. Combine songs to form 3 chains of different songs and save all created patterns, songs, and chains.
Sample Sounds

Record rhythms using 100 realistic sample sounds, with a full complement of drum kit sounds.
Preset Keys

Use 10 “drum kit” preset key assignments, 5 of which are user-programmable.
Voice Edit

Edit the Pitch, Volume, Pan and Decay settings for each voice, and use the Effect button to add up to 3 delayed repeats of the sound, each with its own Pitch, Level, and Pan Setting.
MIDI Technology

The RX7 is a MIDI Instrument, and can control or be controlled by other MIDI equipment such as sequencers, synthesizers, and tone generators.