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The new SILENT Brass systems have been completely re-designed to meet the needs of brass players, whether they’re a student on their first day or an international soloist traveling the world. Using a brand new proprietary process called “Brass Resonance ModelingÖ,” Yamaha designers have found a way to bring the natural sound characteristics to the forefront of the experience while at the same time canceling negative sound properties ensuring a level of realistic sound not previously possible. Combine that with the new lightweight completely in-bell design of the mute and the pocket-size performance module and you have a portable practice system to use in any situation. An external sound source can be plugged in using the AUX IN jack allowing the player to play along with their favorite tunes. In addition, the OUTPUT/PHONES jack allows the unit to be connected to a live sound or recording system. Small, lightweight and portable – The new SILENT Brass mutes feature an “in-bell” design with a small, pocket-size performance module that includes a belt-clip for mobility. This includes a Bonus GENUINE Legacy Flugelhorn Sterling Silver Plated Mouthpiece