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Birch is a simply stellar material for both stage kits and studio drums, and this v2 Yamaha 5-piece Stage Custom Birch drum kit makes that sound all the better by supporting it with a full set of 780 series hardware. You’ll enjoy the crisp attack and open sound of each shell even more, thanks to the added resonance offered by the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System. Other bonuses in the hardware category include die-cast claw hooks, ball mounts, and clamps that are buffered with resin to keep rattling at a minimum. What’s more, this Stage Custom Birch drum kit includes bass drum legs with built-in stoppers, making it easy to tear down and set up your kick drum the same way, gig after gig.Included: 22×17 kick, 10×7 rack tom, 12×8 rack tom, 16×15 floor tom, 14×5.5 snare, TH-945B 3-hole receiver bass drum mount
100% Birch bass drum shell – 7-ply, 7mm
100% Birch rack toms, floor tom & snare – 6-ply, 6mm
YESS tom mounting system
Absolute-style lugs
45-Degree bearing edge
Air Seal System
Lacquer finish