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New Synthetic Formula Yamaha Superior Valve Oils are based on a newly developed synthetic formula. The Superior Valve Oil synthetic formula is more consistent than mineral based oils and provides superior performance in all playing environments. The advanced formula is produced using a consistent molecule size. Standard valve oils contain mineral oil which is made up of molecules varying in size. The varied molecule make-up of mineral oil allows the oil to evaporate at an uneven rate, leaving high viscosity particles behind. The even molecules found in the new Yamaha Superior Valve Oil synthetic formula allow the oil to evaporate smoothly, guaranteeing a longer life and extremely responsive action. Designed for instruments with a regular valve clearance Great for any instrument from student to professional Enhanced Anti-Corrosive Additive Yamaha Superior Valve Oils contain a unique anti-corrosive agent which greatly outperforms the competition. The new additive prevents all types of corrosion and will protect valves and valve casings in nearly every playing environment. Child-Resistant Container To make this a safe product for all, Yamaha Superior Valve Oil features a new child-resistant container which prevents any small children from accidentally ingesting the product.Brand: Yamaha
38ml Bottle
Synthetic Blend