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Package included: 1 x black gift carton packaging 1 x calibration weight 1 x repair tools 2 X 1.5V lithium cell Ag12High precision and accurate stylus gauge for accurate adjustment.
Accurate stylus force is important for ensuring the playback result and life of your records and cartridge.
Too high stylus force results in shortened record/stylus life, while too low stylus force results in easy mistracking leading to poor audio performance.
Capacity : 0-5.00g (display 3 digit), Graduation : 0.01g- highly sensitive, Dimensions : 96 X 43 X 20 mm, Power : 2 X 1.5V lithium cell Ag12 (included)
Easy to operate; automatic turn-off after two minutes’ inactivity – Stainless steel weighing area – nonmagnetic