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Zoom’s B3 bass multi-effects pedal takes all of the complexity and frustration out of getting the perfect bass tone. Stompbox-style controls let you tweak and switch the Zoom B3’s effects the way you’re use to. What’s more, the B3 gives you tons of killer amp models and effects, plus a set of amazing artist presets to get you going. The sheer complexity of most multi-effects pedals can seriously limit your ability to use them live, and convoluted controls quickly turn them into nothing more than a collection of preset tones. The intuitive, stompbox-style layout of the Zoom B3 lets you use this multi-effects bass pedal like a traditional pedalboard. Arranging the order of the B3’s effects is simple, and each of its three effects sections has its own footswitch, high-visibility display, and trio of parameter knobs. This makes it incredibly easy to tweak your tone on the fly.Bundle Includes Power Supply, 2 Cables, Headphones, and Software!
A must-have bass multi-effects pedal, audio interface, and performance toolbox
Stompbox-style layout with separate footswitches, knobs, and LCD screens for each section provide intuitive pedalboard operation
Possibly the easiest bass multi-effects pedal to tweak on the fly ever made
Creating presets and ordering effects is extremely simple