Coda/Concierto de Amistad - Restituzione - Live streaming 01:30 p.m. JST/UTC+9, 5th of May, 2022

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Today′s Program / 本日のプログラム

A recorder concert entitled Coda (Concierto de Amistad) -Restituzione- will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2022. The recorder ensemble, consisting of more than 20 musicians, will perform all the masterpieces of the Renaissance and Baroque, including Vespers (C. Monteverdi), Pavane and Chaconne (H. Purcell), Christmas Concerto (A. Corelli), and others.

Live streaming will be available on the day of the concert, so please feel free to watch the performance.

In addition, prior to the concert, a live video of "Brandenburg Concerto No. 1" by J.S. Bach, which was performed at the Nakar Recorder School's recital in November last year, is now available for viewing. Many of the performers will also participate in Coda, so we would be very much encouraged if you could listen to the video and give us your high evaluation and comments.

Live video, Brandenburg Concerto No.1 in F for Recorder orchestra

4th Coda Concert Live Streaming

Date & Time: May 5, 2022 (National Holiday, Thursday)
Concert begins at 01:30 p.m. JST/UTC+9/ Admission free
Conductor / Music Director / Recorder : Youichi Hembo
Venue: Bach Forest Concert Hall in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN

☆Dixit Dominus/ Duo Seraphim, Nisi Dominus,
Sonata sopra Sancta Maria from Vespers(1610/ C. Monteverdi)
☆Pavane and Chaconne (H. Purcell)
☆Concerto No. 8 "Christmas Concerto" (A. Corelli), etc.

YouTube distribution: Live on
Youichi Hembo's official channel

For inquiries or to register for the event, please contact:

Message to Coda
Coda" is a friendship concert organized by the participants of the Tsukuba Recorder Camp organized by recorder player Youichi Hembo.

The Tsukuba Recorder Camp, which used to be held every summer, has not been held for two years, and the student groups that used to be a part of the daily routine have been restricted in their activities, limiting the opportunities to experience music together with their friends.

In the midst of all this, last November I performed the recorder orchestra version of J.S. Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto No. 1" with my friends at a recital given by Mr. Hembo's students, and I realized once again how wonderful ensemble and music can be. I would like to share this wonderful experience of interacting with my colleagues, with the music, and with the audience once again with many people. The subtitle "Restituzione" (Italian for "recurrence") expresses this desire.

The program of this year's concert is composed of a journey through Europe, from the majestic polyphonic music of the Renaissance to the flamboyant ensemble music of the Baroque. All the volunteers strongly hope that this concert will be a step toward a brighter and peaceful world.

2022年5月5日(木)に Coda(Concierto de Amistad) -Restituzione- と題してリコーダーコンサートを開催します。総勢20人を越えるリコーダーアンサンブルによる、聖母マリアの夕べの祈り(C.モンテヴェルディ)、パヴァーヌとシャコンヌ(H.パーセル)、クリスマス協奏曲(A.コレッリ)などルネサンス、バロックの名曲を全てリコーダーにて演奏します。



ブランデンブルク協奏曲第1番ヘ長調 Live ストリーミングアーカイブ

第4回Coda演奏会 ライブストリーミングアーカイブ

日時:2022年 5月 5日(祝・木)13時30分開演
指揮・音楽監督:辺保 陽一
会場:一般財団法人 バッハの森 奏楽堂

曲目:聖母マリアの夕べの祈りより(C. モンテヴェルディ)
詩篇109 主は言われた/ モテット 二人の熾天使が 他
パヴァーヌとシャコンヌ(H. パーセル)
合奏協奏曲第 8 番《クリスマス協奏曲》(A. コレッリ) 、他

YouTube 配信:辺保陽一氏公式チャンネル「CompleatRecorderMaster」にて Live 配信





Live Concert
リコーダー, Recorder, Orchestra

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