Come Alive in a live concert with Jagjit & Chitra Singh

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About Jagjit Singh:
Jagjit Singh (Jagmohan Singh Dhiman), an Indian composer, singer and musician, was born on 8 February 1941. He passed away on 10 October 2011. He is the most successful ghazal singer and composer of all time in terms of critical acclaim and commercial success. The government of India awarded him the Padma Bhushan in 2003, and in February 2014, the government released a set of two postal stamps in his honour.

He initially learned Indian classical music from Pandit Chagan Lal Sharma and later from Ustad Jamal Khan of Maihar Gharana. He got training in all the prominent styles of Hindustani Classical vocal tradition, such as Khayal, Dhrupad, Thumri and others.

He began his professional career in 1961 by undertaking singing and composing assignments at All India Radio's (AIR) Jalandhar station. After shifting to Mumbai, initially, he sang advertising jingles, and later on, he became a playback singer. He married Chitra Datta in 1969, and they started singing together. Their first album, 'The Unforgettable', followed by 'Milestone' turned them into stars.

He composed and sang in various languages. He is credited for the revival and popularity of the ghazal in India. His composing style and gayaki (singing) are considered Bol-pradhan, meaning it emphasizes words. He has composed songs in various Bollywood films, such as Prem Geet, Arth, and Saath Saath. In addition, he has composed music for TV serials Mirza Ghalib and Kahkashan. His album, 'Beyond Time', was the first digitally recorded release in India.

About Chitra Singh:
Chitra Singh (Chitra Shome) is an Indian ghazal singer. She and her husband, Jagjit Singh, are credited with popularising the ghazal in India. They are better known as the "king and queen of the Ghazal world." Together they created some of the most successful music albums in the 1970s and '80s.

Chitra was born into a Bengali family. After completing her education, she married Debo Prasad Dutta, an executive in a leading advertising agency, in the mid-1950s. The couple had a daughter, Monica, in 1959. While still married to Debo Prasad, Chitra met Jagjit Singh, at that time, a struggling singer. Jagjit Singh was a Sikh and hailed from Sriganganagar in distant Rajasthan. They first met at a recording studio in 1967, by which time the marriage of the Duttas was already under strain for unknown reasons. Chitra found solace in Jagjit as she was much taken by his "caring" personality.

Chitra and Jagjit had a son, Vivek, who died in a road accident on July 27, 1990. Chitra has never sung publicly or recorded any song since her son died. Her daughter Monica first fell in love with Jehangir Chowdhary, an award-winning cinematographer. They got married in 1988 and had two sons. Chitra now lives with her two grandsons.

A few words about Ghazal:
A ghazal is a form of Arabic poetry. Ghazals often convey spiritual messages (Sufi Kalam) or romantic love as a poetic expression of the pain of loss or separation from the beloved (Hizr) and the beauty of love and the associated pain. The origin of Ghazals traces its history to the poems addressed to a beloved by the narrator.

The Ghazal traces its origins back to 7th-century Arabic poetry. The Ghazal spread into South Asia in the 12th century with the influence of Sufi mystics and the courts of the new Islamic Sultanate. It is now the most prominent form of poetry in many languages of the Indian subcontinent.

The word Ghazal originates from the Arabic word Gazal, meaning to sweet-talk, flirt, or display amorous gestures. The poetic form derives its name from 'the wail of a wounded deer', which provides context to the theme of unrequited love common to many ghazals.

A ghazal commonly consists of five to fifteen couplets, called Sher. These are independent but are linked abstractly in a theme to make it poetry. Ghazal is a short poem with rhyming couplets called Sher. Most ghazals have between seven and twelve Shers. The first line of the couplet is called 'Radif', and the second, which ends with the same rhyming pattern, is referred to as the 'Qaafiyaa'.

The first 'Sher' in a ghazal is called the 'Matlaa'. The 'Matlaa' sets the tone of the Ghazal. The last couplet of the Ghazal is called the 'Maqtaa or Maktaa'. It is common in ghazals to include 'Takhallus', the name of 'Shayar' (Poet) in the maqtaa. It makes it more personal than the other couplets in a ghazal.

Unlike Ghazal, where each Sher is self-contained and independent from the others, Nazm couplets need a common theme or continuity.

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